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Feeding Tools

Feeding equipment typically acts as an interface between mining trucks and processing equipment. Feeders deliver steady controlled feed (raw material) for downstream processing. Thus they are important in the production process, allowing for more predictable maintenance of processing equipment.

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Here are the types of feeders we that we offer to our clients.

Apron Feeder

Apron feeder is probably one of the most preferred feeders by miners. It plays a major role in mining, aiding the smooth running of operation and increasing uptime. Apron feeder is a mechanical type of feeder that is used in material handling operations to transfer materials from equipment to other equipment.

One reason why it is preferred is that it provides better feed control, thus, it can prevent choking. In addition, apron feeders have the ability to absorb the shock of loading material directly on the feeder with a shallow bed and it can also reclaim a variety of dry or wet materials of various sizes at uniform rate.

Belt Feeders

A belt feeder is a short belt conveyor that is used to move powdered solids from a storage point to the equipment where it will be processed. They are specifically designed for material flow regulation, extracting material and ensuring that downstream equipment receives the right volume of feed.

Belt feeder can be used to remove fine or wet materials from under the hoppers or bins in order to deliver the preferred unceasing feed rate for crushers or conveyors.

Grizzly Feeders

Grizzly feeders are also known as vibrating grizzly feeders. They are designed to combine the functions of feeding and scalping into one unit, thus, reducing the cost of purchasing two separate units.

Grizzly feeders are majorly used in feeding a primary crusher. It provides a continuous feed rate under an assortment of loading and material conditions. Like the apron feeders, vibrating grizzly was also designed to take the shock of offloading from trucks, shovels and loaders.

Chain Feeders

A chain feeder is a feeder that uses chain to regulate the flow of material (ore). Chain feeders use a series of very huge and heavy chains that have been forged into loops. The loops are then placed over wheels that are suspended over the ore passage.

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