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Earth Movers

The mining industry will likely not survive without earth movers. Earth movers are large vehicles used to move earth and excavated minerals. Earth movers have a number of functions including assisting excavators in removing minerals of interest by removing waste materials, levelling the ground, transporting large volume of earth and minerals and other transporting.

Having earth movers for your mining project will reduce the amount of time needed to complete the project but it is important to that the driver of an earth mover is highly trained and competent in order to avoid accidents while using the huge equipment.

At Heavy Metal Holdings, we deal in only the best earth movers in the market.  You can trust our expert team of brokers to get you the best deals needed at your mining sites. The following are the types of earth movers available to our clients.

Backhoe Loader

Backhoe loader can be used as an excavator and a loader. It is the most common earth mover used in mining. Backhoe loader allows for attachments of an extensive range of parts which permits it to perform difficult tasks such as lifting or grabbing objects, drilling, dozing and levelling the ground.

Wheel Loaders

A wheel loader is one of the most crucial machines on a mining site. It is a four wheeled machine which consists of a front-mounted bucket that is used to scoop, hold and convey materials from one place to another around the site.

Wheel loaders are used on mining sites to load loose materials such as snow, gravel and dirt, into another machine such as conveyor belts, feed-hoppers or rail-cars.


A shovel consists of a rotating deck with a plant, drive and control apparatus, a front attachment such as crane supporting a handler and a bucket at the end.

Generally, shovels are used on mining sites for excavation. They can however also be used for digging hard materials, removing big boulders and loading trucks.

Track Type Bulldozer

A bulldozer is a huge and powerful machine that travels on tracks. It is armed with a metal blade to the front for pushing materials such as soil, snow, rubble or rocks. The tracks give the bulldozer a tremendous ground-holding capacity and mobility on very rough terrain. This prevents it from sinking in sandy or muddy ground


Scrapers also known as wheel tractor scrapers are used for digging, hauling and levelling on mining sites. A scrapper consists of a vertical movable hopper with a sharp horizontal front edge. The sharp horizontal front edge can cut into soil to fill the hopper. The machine can then be transported with the packed soil to the filling ground. Their huge rubber tyres give them the ability to move large quantities of earth around a mining site.

Dragline Excavators

Dragline excavators are probably the largest road machines ever built; they can weigh as much as 13,000 tons. In fact, they are so large that most of them have to be built on site.  

Dragline excavators on mining sites are used only in surface mining. They are used in strip-mining processes to eliminate overburden above coal and oil sands.

Disclaimer: Please note that at Heavy Metal Holdings, we connect our clients with expert brokers who will assist them in purchasing or leasing equipment. We do not provide loans or leases but can assist you in acquiring one. In the same way, Heavy Metal Holdings is not an insurance company and will only assist in picking the right insurance policies for our clients.

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