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We offer conveying equipment to for sale. Conveying equipment is of extreme importance in the mining industry as it is used to move and control material flow within the mining plant. We pride ourselves in being the best brokers for conveyors in Australia and guarantee that you will get only the top deals available.

A conveyor system is a fast and effective mechanical handling machine used to transport loads and materials within the mining site. This system is highly beneficial as it minimizes human error, lowers workplace risk of lifting heavy object and reduces labour cost.

The conveyors are designed in such a way that they are able to carry objects that may be too heavy for humans to carry around the mines. It also saves time as it moves objects faster than human can.

There are various kinds of conveyor systems that we offer at Heavy Metal Holdings; they include belt, roller, overhead, bucket, chain, auger, vibrating, chute and apron. Each kind conveyor serves a unique purpose.

How to Choose the Right Conveyor System

There are several questions to ask when picking a conveyor system for your mining sites. These factors include:

  • What kind of materials will be placed on the conveyor?
  • What is the average weight of the product to be conveyed?
  • How are products going to be conveyed?
  • How much money has been budgeted to purchase a conveyor?
  • What is the dimensional data the products to be conveyed?

The answers to these questions will guide you in choosing conveyor that will not only fit into your budget but that will also be able to transport the kind of materials that you want to transport.

In addition, you will be able to pick a conveyor that will last long rather than one that will spoil as a result of overload.

Conveyor belt on slag heap

Disclaimer: Please note that at Heavy Metal Holdings, we connect our clients with expert brokers who will assist them in purchasing or leasing equipment. We do not provide loans or leases but can assist you in acquiring one. In the same way, Heavy Metal Holdings is not an insurance company and will only assist in picking the right insurance policies for our clients.

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