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Blasting Tools

Blasting is done to reduce large rocks into fragments. Most miners use Ammonium Nitrate and Fuel Oil, commonly known as ANFO for blasting at the mining sites.

Blasting is used in both open pit mining and underground operation. It is probably the most dangerous aspect of mining. For this reason, quality tools and careful blasting practices are recommended. This will help to avoid accidents caused by caving-in of the mine. In addition, it is important for workers to wait till the gas, which is often toxic, has dissipated before resuming work, especially in underground mines.

We offer some of the best tools used in the blasting of mines. We are experts in this field, thus, we will ensure that you get only the finest blasting tools that will guarantee the best results. Here are some of the blasting tools we offer our clients.

Blasting Machines

Blasting machine is a transportable source of electronic current that is used in mining to fire a blasting cap in order to trigger a major explosive.

Blasting mats

Blasting mats are made up of sliced-up rubber tyres bound together with cables, chains or ropes. They are used in surface mining to supress dusts and sound, prevent rocks from flying and direct and control the dust.

Blasting mats are often not needed in underground mining operations.

Connecting Wires

Also known as Copper connecting wires. They are manufactured using a solid soft drawn annealed copper conductor. There is a wide range of connecting wires depending on whether they will be used as firing line or junction wire.


Tampers are important accessories used to place charges in drilled holes. They can be made from anti-static plastic material with a cord or with cylindrical rods.



Multi-meters are used to measure the depth of holes and charges within the holes. They are designed for safe, precise circuit measurement while operating electric detonators


A detonator is used to trigger an explosive device. Although, there are different types of detonators, the non-electric detonator is most commonly used at mining sites. Other detonators used in civil mining are electric detonators and wireless detonators.

Anfo Loader

Anfo loading vehicles are heavy vehicles designed especially for various underground explosive loading applications. The vehicle has a special compartment which allows the loading of Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil (ANFO). It can then be used to load the ANFO into varying diameters of drilled holes, both in horizontal and vertical positions.

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