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Heavy Metal Holdings

Welcome to Heavy Metal Holdings, a leading mining broker in Australia. We offer the best brokering service for mining equipment in the country. Our extensive network enables us to provide the top deals which are best suited to our clients’ unique situations and businesses.

We offer a number of services including assisting our clients in obtaining or leasing the equipment they need to run their mining business. In addition to this, we represent clients and provide skilled financial advice when needed.

It does not matter if you are a start-up or a well-known business, equipment financing allows you to own and operate business equipment without breaking the bank.

To get started, reach out to us with your equipment specifications and we will give you the quotes as soon as possible.


We offer a broad catalogue of top quality mining equipment to our clients. They include the following.

Mining Drills

Whether you are attempting to make blast holes for explosives, core drilling for exploration and sample collection, underground drilling to locate a mineral or creating holes big enough to fit miners, you will need to use the best types of drills to achieve the best results.

Blasting Tools

Blasting Tools Blasting is done to reduce large rocks into fragments. Blasting is used in both open pit mining and underground operation. It is important to use quality products while blasting to avoid accidents.

Earth Movers

The mining industry will likely not survive without earth movers. Earth movers are large vehicles used to move earth and excavated minerals, they have a wide range of other functions and there are different types of earth movers that are available

Crushing Equipment

Crushing equipment is particularly designed to break down hard rock matter or gravel into convenient sizes for transportation. It can also be used in breaking down raw mineral into portable sizes. There are different types of crushing equipment

Feeding Tools

Feeding Tools Feeding tools typically acts as an interface between mining trucks and processing equipment. There are different types of feeders.


A conveyor system is a fast and effective mechanical handling machine used to transport loads and materials within the mining site.

Financing and Insurance

We link our clients with expert brokers who can assist them in getting the right financing and insurance for their mining equipment.

Equipment Finance

Sometimes, having the best equipment and tools may be the difference between the success and failure of your business. Equipment financing gives you the opportunity to own and operate the equipment you need without breaking the bank.


It is important for business equipment to always work properly in order for the business to run smoothly. Getting insurance provides coverage for your equipment, vehicles and materials.

Disclaimer: Please note that at Heavy Metal Holdings, we connect our clients with expert brokers who will assist them in purchasing or leasing equipment. We do not provide loans or leases but can assist you in acquiring one. In the same way, Heavy Metal Holdings is not an insurance company and will only assist in picking the right insurance policies for our clients.

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